What God is doing…

We never know what God is doing in our lives. A few days ago I experiences the perfect illustration of this. Last Sunday we were having a three hour meeting at church. Meagan and I worked out childcare for the meeting. So as I left I grabbed Mercedes tricycle so that she could ride it at the church (she was going to be babysat at the church). Unfortunately, Mercedes saw me take the bike. It was sad for me as I left. She was crying, “My bike! My bike!” As I left with the toy she loves as much as any. As a 25 month old toddler she didn’t understand that my intentions were for her good. I was taking it away for a little while, just an hour, so that she could enjoy it later.

Maybe God does things similarly to and for us, right? God takes things away for a while, but we will enjoy them again. It is even that way in death, God takes people away, but “In Christ” we will enjoy them again. I wanted to cry as I drove away hearing the echo in my head of Mercedes saying, “My bike! My bike!” (I can still hear it) But I knew it was for the better, and though I knew that, I sympathized with her lack of understanding, and Jesus sympathizes with us. Keep that in mind when you don’t understand what God is doing.

See: Romans 12:2; Hebrews 4:15; Genesis 50:20; John 17

1 thought on “What God is doing…

  1. I try to keep in mind that faith guides me when I don’t understand and Jesus does sympathize Hebrews4:15; I felt something inHebrews11:1-3, God gives us so many blessings, I think he wants us to help ourselves with some answers. I hope Mercedes was happy when she came to church and saw her bike.

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