In Christ Alone

Someone sent me this article. I heard a little bit about it and I am saddened that they are trying to mess up the very good Theology of this great Hymn. Sadder still is diluting Theology in general. Of course, this is a deeper issue and problem today when the world is in the church. Like the quote: “When the ship is in the ocean there is no problem, but when the ocean is in the ship, there is a problem.” Or, “I looked for the church, I found it in the world [good], I looked for the world and found it in the church.”

1 thought on “In Christ Alone

  1. Steve, although the article states some relevance that concerns young people, we shall not change the BASIC tennents of the CHRISTIAN Doctrine/Faith. Science may shed light on information about mental illness, sexual identity issues and some physical issues, at the same time as a Christian we must believe in how our relationship to Christ matters to our salvation. God will decide what happens to the good that do not believe as the New Testament teaches. As I read the book of James and the Gospels, my belief and life is set on those grounds amongs other texts of our Bible. My life shall be my Witness to others about my belief and character. (here I need some forgiveness from time to time) Make it a great day.. Tim

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