The questions came to me:
Do we know from scripture if Joseph was alive at Jesus’ death?
If not, when did he die? How old was Jesus?
That is a good question.
There is no evidence of what was going on with Joseph after Jesus was 12 years old. In Luke 2:41- 52 we see an account of Jesus being left behind in Jerusalem following the Passover. That is the last mention of Joseph and Joseph is really only implied in that instance (the text simply says, “his parents). In Luke 4:22 the people asked, “Isn’t this Joseph’s son” as they were amazed at his teaching. So, the people apparently knew of Joseph, but no one really knows when he died. It is supposed that he died some time before Jesus began His ministry.
We also know that at the crucifixion Jesus charged John with taking care of His mother, so another instance showing that Joseph was no longer alive. (John 19:27)
God bless, Steve

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