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I read the blog below about “mommy porn.” This was on Josh Harris’ blog. Below you will also find an interesting article in the replies to my previous blog. I have pasted this below but it can be found here:


I appreciate Christian blogger Melissa Jenna’s strong challenge to fellow sisters-in-Christ about the the acceptance of so called “Mommy Porn”–specifically, the best-selling erotic novel “50 Shades of Grey” and the male-stripper themed movie “Magic Mike.” Melissa shares her surprise at how “completely accepting” Christian culture is to both of these works. “I’ve read a few dozen different updates from Christian women regarding 50 Shades and Magic Mike, and the verdict? They love them. I mean they really looooove them. They can’t stop talking about them.”

She makes the point that women/moms lusting is no better or acceptable to God than men/dads lusting. “To gain another perspective,” she writes, “imagine your husband (or father/brother/church leader) going around bragging about how much he loved reading last month’s Playboy magazine, or rallying all of his guy friends to go see “Magic Meghan” for the third time. If our husbands were drooling over a movie about female strippers, we would be livid. It wouldn’t be tolerated. Church leaders would be publicly denouncing men’s sudden acceptance of pornography and erotic films. (Why aren’t church leaders publicly denouncing 50 Shades or Magic Mike, by the way?)”

Melissa goes on to state, “Christian women need to reject both of these works, and instead, use our voices in support of what is good, right and true. It is our responsibility, as daughters of the Heavenly King, to remain set-apart from the poisons of our culture, to rebuke temptation, and to celebrate and honor righteousness.”

Melissa, thanks for speaking up on this. You’re not uncool, you’re “hungering and thirsting for righteousness” (Matt. 5:6). Don’t be surprised if you’re persecuted and ridiculed as a result. I know the Lord is pleased.

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