The Grace and Truth Paradox chapter 6 pages 51-60

This section is titles “A Closer Look at Truth.” I have inserted some of his thoughts below:

• “Flew across the country to not preach at a church that invited me to preach. After leaving my hotel I rode with a prominent Christian leader to the church. I knew this man had been accused by the media of misrepresenting certain key details on his resume, so I asked him about the charges. He admitted saying and writing some things that weren’t true—but it didn’t seem to bother him. I told him, calmly, that I thought he should repent and publicly ask for forgiveness for his dishonesty. He said nothing and we rode to the church in silence. A few minutes after we arrived, I was escorted to the office of the senior pastor, where we were scheduled to pray before I preached in the service. When I stepped in, the pastor slammed the door behind me. I was surprised to see his face turning scarlet, his veins bulging. He poked his finger at me. ‘No way will I let you preach from my pulpit!’ he thundered. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the man I had just confronted. The pastor told me I had no right to question our brother’s integrity. The pastor was fully aware of the man’s reputation but thought it none of my business. We left the office the pastor still seething.” (page 51-52)
• 64% of Americans say, “I will lie when it suits me as long as it doesn’t cause any real damage.” 53% say, “I will cheat on my spouse—after all, given the chance, he or she will do the same.” Only 31% of Americans agree that “honesty is the best policy.” When asked what they would do for ten million dollars, 25 percent said they would abandon their family, 23 percent would become prostitutes fir a week or more, and 7 percent would murder a stranger. (page 53)
Lies pile up like ocean waves. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said in his Nobel Prize acceptance address, “One word of truth outweighs the entire world.” (page 55)
• “University students, once known as truth-seekers, now have minds so ‘open’ they don’t critically evaluate truth-claims. They sit passively while professors affirm the random evolution of complex life forms. No mention is made of the biochemical discoveries of irreducible complexity at the cellular level, which refute Darwinism and constitute overwhelming scientific evidence for intelligent design. Many professors are not truth-seekers, but status quo gatekeepers, highly selective about which ‘truths’ they allow in their classroom door.” (Page 56)
Any thoughts of response?
God bless,

3 thoughts on “The Grace and Truth Paradox chapter 6 pages 51-60

  1. Our children learn how to live from family, friends and the media, so what are these statistics about lying and cheating saying about us as a nation? What type of society would we have if we were honest 100% of the time? Would you have a job if you were honest 100% of the time? Why is cheating on papers and tests rampant in high school and college? Why does the love of money out weigh morals? These are extremely complex societal issues that we could study and debate for a year. However, education starts at home and if we want change, we must start the change at home from the beginning. Peer pressure, fear of failing, fear of discipline, laziness and “everybody does it” attitude is constantly fighting against being truthful – both for children and adults. I would love to see our youth Sunday School classes and BYF spend a month studying and discussing this. I truly believe the reason we cannot be honest in everything we do is because we live in this world that belongs to Satan. John 8:44 ……. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

  2. #1–I don’t think that pastor was there to do Gods work, but to do his own, #2 –it’s not HIS pulpit! Our schools and education in so many places, even in some seminarys from what I’ve heard, are ommitting truth if it doesn’t fit their view or perspective. Our poor children are the benefactors of such pride and ignorance and arrogance.[many don’t really know the truth because they have turned their back on God.] The Bible is full of “WOES” to nations and rulers who turn away from God and pursue their own passions. God says the “truth” shall set you free and who doesn’t want to be free? Fear is probably one reason for not being truthful but the main one I think is probably our selfish nature that our culture is ok with if you don’t get caught. Once you lie you have to cover up with another and on and on it goes until you find yourself trapped in a place and in a life-style thats not only uncomfortable but maybe even life threatening. Truth brings peace in your life and the sense of God’s pleasure. Thank you Lord for Your word–“a light unto our path and a lamp unto our feet’.

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