Salt and light

Interesting note on Matthew 5:13-16 that Jesus talks about salt and light. In “The Cost of Discipleship” pages 116-117 Bonhoeffer points out that Jesus says, “you are the salt” and later “you are the light.” This is as opposed to “You must be the salt” or “You must be the light.” That is a subtle but major difference. It is not for the disciple to decide to be salt and light. A Christian is to be salt and light. Now, Jesus does talk about salt losing its savor and that is an interesting thought about Christians. If Christians are salt and we aren’t, then where is our Christianity? Just some thoughts…

2 thoughts on “Salt and light

  1. Steve, as I was reading your thoughts on salt and light, I decided to find out just what Jesus meant by “you are the salt”. I found this page to be very helpful and quite timely since our mission trip was last week and the conversations we have been having in Sunday School. I also hope anyone reading this comment will go to Ventura Missionary Church’s website and see what they are doing for Christ.

    Click to access salt_3_com_piece_1.pdf

    Click to access mission_beliefs_values.pdf

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