New Pastorate coming on Saturday

I have been delaying writing this for some time, but I believe the time has come. Last month I accepted the position as Senior Pastor of Bethel Friend Church in Poland, Ohio. On Memorial Day weekend I announced my resignation from First Baptist Church in Alliance, Ohio. Currently, I am sitting at my desk in the First Baptist office and it is like a home when all the children have been raised and are out of the house. Sure, the child care is active, so there is the normal activity in the building. But my office of six years and almost two months is empty of the books and items that made it personal to me. This is my final office day at First Baptist.

This transition is bitter and sweet. I am comfortable here. I know the names of everyone. I know the community. I know the building. I know the church. Both our children have attended child care here. Mercedes went through preschool here at First Baptist.  First Baptist has been like a family to us. They have all been supportive of our family. They have been supportive of me with Meagan’s disability. They have been supportive of our children. Yet, for various reasons we believed God was leading us out to Poland, Ohio.

On Saturday morning I will drive to Poland and begin putting my books on the shelves there. I will begin making the pastor’s study personal to me over there. On Sunday I will preach on Ephesians 1:1-2 there at Poland. On Sunday or Monday I will post that sermon to this blog. I will continue posting the sermons only they will be from my pastorate at Poland.

My prayers will remain with First Baptist and Alliance, OH.

2 Cor. 13:14:

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.

My love to all of you,

Pastor Steve

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