Be Encouraged: What you do matters


The following is a list of “I owe you’s” which apply to mothers all over the country, all of which are long overdue. Stop after each one and consider the priceless value of the one who made your life possible – your mother.

“Dear Mom:
As I walk through my museum of memories,
I owe you – for your time. Day and night.
I owe you – for your example. Consistent and dependable.
I owe you – for your support. Stimulating and challenging.
I owe you – for your humor. Sparky and quick.
I owe you – for your counsel. Wise and quiet.
I owe you – for your humility. Genuine and gracious.
I owe you – for your hospitality. Smiling and warm.
I owe you – for your insight. Keen and honest.
I owe you – for your flexibility. Patient and joyful.
I owe you – for your sacrifices. Numerous and quickly forgotten.
I owe you – for your faith. Solid and sure.
I owe you – for your hope. Ceaseless and indestructible.
I owe you – for your love. Devoted and deep.”

-Charles R. Swindoll, Strong Family[1]

Last Sunday I did say that God doesn’t need you, but my purpose was to encourage you not to be overwhelmed. Today, for just a few minutes I wish to impress on you that what you do DOES matter.


Isaiah 49:3-4:

He said to me, “You are my servant,
Israel, in whom I will display my splendor.”
But I said, “I have labored in vain;
I have spent my strength for nothing at all.
Yet what is due me is in the Lord’s hand,
and my reward is with my God.”

Hebrews 6:10:

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

  1. What you do does matter to the most important ONE.
    1. Sometimes we forget the sacrifices of our mothers. But God never forgets what you do. This means that when you serve your children this will be remembered for all eternity.
    2. I have seen and heard the saddest of stories of the disrespect of children and grandchildren. I know that I for sure had my days being disrespectful to my parents, but I am really talking about neglect.
    3. Realize that the command to honor your father and mother in Exodus 20:12 does not have an agent limit. God never says to stop respecting your mother at age sixteen or eighteen or twenty-one. Yet, many do. But instead of focusing on the negative, let’s remember that your children may not notice what you do for them, but God does.
    4. God remembers you.
    5. God remembers everything you have done and it matters.
    6. You may think those tireless nights don’t really matter, but they do. God remembers. God does not forget.
    7. Mothers care about their children, their grandchildren, their great grandchildren. No one cares like a mother. God remembers. God does not forget, what you do matters.
    8. Let me give an example: I love the story of James and John’s mom coming to Jesus in Matthew 20:20-25. She actually came to Jesus to ask that her two sons could sit on Jesus’ right and left in His Kingdom. The other disciples were indignant. Do you think James and John remembered their mother’s sacrifice? Do you think they were like, “Mother, stay away, you are embarrassing me”? She meant well, Jesus really does not rebuke her. She came with them kneeling down in reverence. Mothers want the best for their children. Certainly, it is important not to be a helicopter parent. There was a major news articles about moms going to job interviews with their children after they had graduated from quality colleges. Well, here in a similar way, James and John’s mom comes to Jesus. It is almost like, the gall of that women. But hold on now. It is possible that she knew Jesus well. Let’s use sanctified imagination here. Maybe they grew up near each other. Maybe they dated in high school, it is possible, not likely, but possible. Maybe, she told James and John she was going to make this request and they said, “Mom, no, you know what the other ten will think?” Maybe she said, “I know Jesus, I’ve known Him since I was a kid, our moms were friends…” Maybe Jesus worked as a carpenter alongside her brother. Either way, she wanted the best for her sons.
    9. Mothers care. God cares. God will not forget.


Hebrews 6:10:

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

Do you ever feel like what you do doesn’t matter? God remembers.

Remember the sleepless nights? God does.

Remember changing diapers? God does.

Remember midnight feedings? God does.

Remember doctor’s appointments? God does.

Remember working hard at home and at work to pay the bills for your children? God does.

Remember rocking him or her to sleep when you just wanted to go to sleep? God does.

Remember the good times and the hard times? God does.

Remember driving them to practice, orchestra, ballet, dance, work, school and still having a dozen other things to do? God does.

Remember crying over poor decisions your teenager was making? God does. He remembers what you do and it matters.

Remember anxiety, your worry, your prayers? God does.

Remember parent teacher conferences? God does.

Remember weighing the decisions about discipline? God does.

Remember buckling them into the car, making meals, washing clothes, choosing preschools? God does.

For some of you remembering going through all of this over again for your grandchildren? God does.


God remembers. What you do matters.


Do you know Jesus? Luke 9:23

God created us to be with him. (Genesis 1-2)

Our sin separated us from God. (Genesis 3)

Sins cannot be removed by good deeds (Gen 4-Mal 4)

Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again. (Matthew – Luke)

Everyone who trusts in him alone has eternal life. (John – Jude)

Life that’s eternal means we will be with Jesus forever. (Revelation 22:5)



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