Modesty and other articles

Below are a few links. The first article is regarding modesty. This is addressed mainly to women, though it sounds like his personal blog had a post to men previously. You can search for that. Modesty in all ways has not been talked about enough in the last few years or decades, but I know that the church must talk about this more. That is not to say that this pressure is all on women, the men are guilty of their own thoughts and feelings. 

Sisters, Are You Helping (or Hurting) Your Brothers With That Outfit?

The below article is appalling and it really makes us think about our worldview. In the Old Testament there was a pagan god called Molech, This god was to be appeased by child sacrifice. Children under two years old were burned in order to appease this god. Now, today, though not for pagan ritual, we still are burning babies. In this case the children are already dead, but it does make us think. The Christian worldview teaches that babies are a gift from the Lord.

(Psalm 127 is an example also Luke 18:15-17)

Have an awesome day in the Lord!

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