The Grace and Truth Paradox chapter one

Hi all,

I have written about this book, “The Grace and Truth Paradox” by Randy Alcorn, today I wanted to write about chapter one. If you read chapter one you can comment at the bottom of the page. Chapter one is on pages 9-18 so it isn’t too long, but it is full of good information. In this chapter Alcorn introduces this idea of “grace and truth” right out of John 1:14. Some things that I really loved in this chapter are below:
• 1st century Jewish culture knew truth better than grace. (page 14)
• Ex 34:6: God passed in front of Moses and identified Himself as “abounding in love and faithfulness,” Hebrew equivalents of grace and truth (page 15)
• Grace is a delightful, fragrant word. (page 15)
o It intriques (page 15)
o Attracts (page 15)
o Compels (page 15)
o Dazzles (page 15)
o It also confounds. It’s as though God said, “You know about truth. It’s taught in the synagogues every Sabbath. But let me tell you about grace…” (page 15)
• Some churches today embrace truth, but need a heavy dose of grace. (page 15)
• Other churches talk about grace but cry out for a heavy dose of truth. (page 15)
• “Birds need to wings to fly. With only one wing, they’re grounded. The gospel flies with the wings of grace and truth. Not one, but both.” (page 16)
• The two are interdependent. We should never approach truth except in a spirit of grace, or grace except in a spirit of truth.
o Jesus wasn’t 50% grace, 50% truth, but 100% grace, 100% truth (page 16)
• Grace-oriented Christians love forgiveness and freedom . But sometimes they neglect Bible study and see moral standards as “legalism.” (page 17) Truth-oriented Christians love studying Scripture and theology. But sometimes they’re quick to judge and slow to forgive. (page 17)

Those are some things that really stood out to me as I reread this chapter. What do you think about these exerts? If you are reading this book, what do you think so far? Do you find that you naturally lean towards grace or truth?
Have a blessed week— Steve

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